Sidhu Moose Wala Frenzy Mashup [Remix] Dj Frenzy Video Song

Moose Wala Frenzy | DJ FRENZY | Sidhu Moosewala | Latest Punjabi Songs 2019

DJ Frenzy feat. Sidhu MooseWala, 2Pac, Notorious BIG, Snoop Dogg & Dr Dre


Sidhu MooseWala is a name that almost every Punjabi music listener is familiar with and his current presence in the Punjabi scene is akin to what Notorious BIG and 2Pac possessed in the Hip-Hop industry during the 90s. So when DJ Frenzy decided to mix them up, it wasn’t an entirely unthinkable collaboration – but more-so, one that just needed to be done in the ‘Frenzy’ style.

“There’s a lot of mixes out there featuring Sidhu and rap artists, even some with Biggie & Pac, but I was inundated with requests to make something in my own style. I’ve had the concept for this mix for over a year now – around the same time as when I made ‘Jatt Frenzy’, but I’ve been trying to perfect the sound and ideas as I’ve been going along.

As I got closer to the end of the mix, I felt that I needed a strong visual for this, but the problem was, some of the songs that I’ve used don’t have music videos made – so this is when I thought about filming new scenes for this mix – similar to what I did for Summer Frenzy but to match the vibe of this particular mix. Generally, people don’t go out and films new visuals for a Bhangra mix video, let alone filming on RED EPIC cameras – but I wanted to flip the script with this video. It’s something new for me, but I hope that you enjoy it and support the effort.”


Supported by: A.S. ROMA Football Club

Video: Gurjant Singh Films (
Lighting: Patrick Gillespie
Mastering: The Culprit

Special Thanks:
Daily Ent. Xpress for the link with A.S. Roma
The Laundry Studios for the fantastic studio space
Lions of Punjab for helping out at such short notice
All friends and family who helped with this release
To everyone who listens to & shares my music!


Snapchat: @DesiFrenzy

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