Kashmakash [5 Unique Stories] MX Player Web Series

Kashmakash | 5 Unique Stories | Official Trailer | MX Player | Sharad Malhotra | Eijaz Khan

Key Cast: Sharad Malhotra, Anjum Fakih, Eijaz Khan, Abhishek Kapur, Abigail Pande, Lavina Tandon, Supriya Shukla, Rajendra Chawla, Lavina Tandon and Vahbiz Dorabzee

About Kashmakash:
Kashmakash, Hungama Play’s latest original show, is an anthology that narrates 5 unique stories of modern day crimes in India, and the dilemma that the victims of these crimes go through when choosing between right and wrong. The show features an ensemble cast that includes some of the biggest names from the television industry including among others.

Narrated from the victims’ perspectives, the show sheds light on crimes that are becoming increasingly common in the modern world – a housewife who finds stardom on a social app and in the process, unwelcomes attention; a celebrity couple that falls prey to their desire of giving the online world unrestricted access to their lives; a social media influencer who refuses to come to terms with her mental disorder and finds herself at the mercy of a blackmailer; a drug addict who is unable to quit and goes on a downward spiral when she makes a shocking discovery; the admin of a village WhatsApp group who peddles in fake news without realising its far-reaching impact.

Each episode of the show features an alternate ending, highlighting two ways to deal with a crime, one right, and other wrong.

Which path would you choose – the one that is easy but grey or the one that is difficult but right.
Kashmakash is here with 5 unique stories that come together to pack a punch!
Watch them unfold on 25th of February.

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