Kahaa Toh Tha Love In Quarantine (A Short Web Film)

Kahaa Toh Tha | Love In Quarantine | Vatsal Sheth | Ishita Dutta | A Short Film
‘The only pull that is stronger than Gravity is the Pull of Love’

In 2020 the entire world is facing the biggest challenge of their life, Coronavirus.
Lockdowns all over the world have changed people’s perspective towards life.
Along with many sudden and unwarranted changes in their existing habitat. Aabir and Myraa, a middle class working couple from Mumbai realized that the fate of their love was not in their hands anymore…or was it?
Understand Love in Quarantine.
‘Kahaa Toh Thaa’
Starring Ishita Dutta & Vatsal Sheth

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Actors: Ishita Dutta
Vatsal Sheth
Writer: Manoj Chhatwani
Editor: Vardhan Dhaimodkar
Background Music: Mehul Vyas
Cinematographer: Vatsal Sheth
DI: Rahil Merchant
Photographer: Kaifi Chauhan
Poster designer: Puranjoy Gupta
Photo Retouching: Jital Gupta
Creative Producer: Sahil Nayar
Producer and Directer: Vatsal Sheth
Special Thanks:
Dharmendra Sharma
Darshil Sheth
Sanket Shah
Karan Shah

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