Jattz N The Hood Jazzy B

A DesiFrenzy Production

Vocalist: Jazzy B

Music: DesiFrenzy

Lyrics: Vilene

Music produced, composed, arranged, performed and programmed by

Recording: DesiFrenzy, Pankaj Ahuja & Tom Lowry

Keyboards, Drums and Bass: DesiFrenzy

Mandolin, Flute, Algojey & Bugchu: Runveer Singh Bahra

Dhol: Amar Singh Barn

Additional instrumentation recorded at Sangeetika Studios, Panjab

Video: DesiFrenzy

Artwork Design: BYVXNNY

Bocumentary/BTS: Gurjant Singh Films

Photography: Max.Shotss

MUA: Rupi’s HSCC

Project Management: The 10x Team

UK born international Music Producer and DJ, ‘DesiFrenzy’, is proud to release his monumental collaboration with the legendary Punjabi superstar vocalist ‘Jazzy B’.

They are taking it back to the roots with this powerful, desi dancefloor anthem, entitled ‘Jattz N The Hood’.

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