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US Air Date: May 25, 2020
Starring: Justin Salinger, Carel Nel, Dianne Simpson
Network: History
Synopsis: At the time of his death, Ulysses S. Grant was the most famous man in the world and stood alongside men like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in the pantheon of American heroes. However, today Ulysses S. Grant is largely forgotten, his rightful legacy tarnished by a fog of myth, rumor and falsehood.

“Grant” tells the remarkable and quintessentially American story of a humble man who overcomes incredible obstacles, rises to the highest ranks of power and saves the nation not once, but twice. With a seamless blend of dramatic scenes, expert commentary and beautifully enhanced archival imagery, this three-part series uncovers the true legacy of the unlikely hero who led the nation during its greatest test, the Civil War and Reconstruction.

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