Biwi, TikTok Aur Divorce Vinay Tiwari Stand Up Comedy

Biwi, TikTok Aur Divorce | Stand Up Comedy (2019) | Vinay Tiwari

Some funny incidents between a husband-wife relationship which everyone must have gone through, Why suryavansham is so irritating? Typical Indian Dads excitement for the marriage of his son, and what is wrong with tik tokers. watch it to uncover the story when all of it reunites at the end.

Venue Courtesy: The Habitat, Mumbai
Shot and sound recording by Habitat Videography and Audio Team
Edited and sound mixing by Akshit Arora (@Akshitarora700), Anil Mishra (@am_aadmi)

Written and performed by Vinay Tiwari

Special thanks to my Dear Dad, Loving wife, and tik tokers for giving me so much of content.

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